Forgotten items will not be delivered by the office and students are not permitted to call home.

Changes in dismissal should be sent to the school office... not ONLY by email to the teacher as this may or may not be read prior to dismissal.

Students are not permitted to ride the bus home with a friend or get off at a different stop.

Dress code and absence policies can be found in the handbook.


  1. -send note/email for any absence within 2 days

  2. -include a doctor’s excuse if possible

  3. -school board will send a note home after 5 absences

Checking In/Out:

  1. -arriving after 8:45 - must report to the office with an adult to receive note

  2. -leaving before 3:15 - must provide a note/email with reason

  3. -students are not permitted to check out after 3:15

  4. -photo ID is required to check out a student and must be listed on the demographic information in powerschool.

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School Policies