Students will practice skills to become fluent in place values from the millions place to the thousandths place.

New content is largely fluency with decimals & fractions. 

Click here for the Tennessee 5th grade Math curriculum.

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5th Grade Math

Helpful Links

General Overview

Below are a list of websites that might be helpful as you study and practice at home.

Ordering Numbers

Click “Options” and select “Decimal Thousandths”

Instructional Videos

Below are a few links to instructional videos - for students and parents to use.

Parent Newsletters

Below are links to parent newsletters in the order that we cover the content.  These newsletters include abbreviated information and examples that can help parents support the Home Learning this school year.  The dates in parentheses represents when we covered the content in class.

5.1.A Parent Newsletter (August 9th - 18th)

5.1.B Parent Newsletter (August 21st - 25th)

5.1.C Parent Newsletter (August 21st - 25th)

5.1.D Parent Newsletter (Aug 28th - Sept 1st)

5.1.E Parent Newsletter (Aug 28th - Sept 1st)

5.1.F Parent Newsletter  (Sept 5th - 8th)

5.2.A Parent Newsletter (Sept 11th - 13th)

5.2.B Parent Newsletter (Sept 13th - 19th)

5.2.C Parent Newsletter (Sept 20th-25th)

5.2.D Parent Newsletter (Sept 26th-29th)

5.2.E Parent Newsletter (Oct 1st - 3rd)

5.2.F Parent Newsletter (Oct 15th - 18th)

5.2.G Parent Newsletter (Oct 19th - 23rd)

5.2.H Parent Newsletter (Oct 23rd - 26th)

5.3.A Parent Newsletter (Oct 31st - Nov 1st)

5.3.B Parent Newsletter (Nov 2nd - 10th)

5.3.C Parent Newsletter (Nov 13th - )


Multiplication Fact Practice

Other Online Resources