Dreambox is an excellent online resource for individualized math practice and enrichment.  All students should log on and use it on a regular basis.  Username and passwords are based on student names and birthdays so they are easy to memorize.  Example student login: 

              Student Name: Jane Doe        Student Birthday: May 10, 2005

              Username: jane.doe                 Password: 51005

Below is the parent letter that explains how to access Dreambox from a computer as well as the Dreambox apps.  It also explains how you can get involved and monitor your child’s usage and progress.

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Assigned Focus

Any DreamBox lesson with one of the icons below should be completed first.  These are lessons that cover standards that have been selected by your child’s teacher.  Descriptions below explain how these lessons are selected.

Short Term: These lessons will support the content we are currently covered in class and students will usually have about 1 week to complete these lessons.

Long Term: These lessons will support the content on which the individual student needs additional practice.  The length of time will vary for these lessons.